Mérida on a Sunday is the perfect invitation to go out and get some vitamin SUN. You can start your day by biking around the historic streets of downtown Mérida, make a quick stop to grab a delicious iced snack to fight the hot temperatures and wrap the day with a tour around wonderful museums and historic buildings.

There is no better way to spend your Sunday than going out to the Bici-Ruta Maya. What is that? You might be asking. The Bici-Ruta Maya is an opportunity to freely bike around downtown Mérida. The event takes place every Sunday from 8 in the morning. You can start either from La Ermita park or from the Monumento a la Patria. There, you can rent all types of bikes, doubles, triples, familiar bikes with baby chairs and many more. Prices vary from 30 to 80 pesos per hour, depending on the kind of bike you rent. You must return your bike at noon, as at this time the tour ends and the streets are open to normal traffic again.

During your tour, you will pass by a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, museums and historic buildings. Our advice is to get there at a reasonable time in the morning so you can have all day to make stops to take pictures, buy handicrafts and have a bite. 


Get the day started with a delicious coffee at Cafetería Impala at Cale 56 A 500 x 47 and 45, in front of ‘El Remate’. Or if you want something more traditional, try the huevosmotuleños at the famous restaurant ‘Huevos Motuleños & Más’ located on Calle 47 492 x 58 and 60, next to ‘El Remate’.

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Our favourite Sunday snacks are the Sorbetes from ‘Dulcería & Sorbetería Colon’ located in Calle 56 47 A on Paseo Montejo or an exquisite gelato from ‘Pola Gelato Shop’ on Calle 55 467 D x 62 and 64.


Mérida has one of the 20 existing Casa Museums in the country: Casa Montes Molina. You can find it on Paseo Montejo, in between Inbursa and HSBC banks. This place is a unique guided experience to one of the most popular historic residences in the avenue. We don’t want to spoil all the details, but they guide you through every room inside the house and tell you all the details about how life was back in the 20th century. It is very interesting and definitely worth a visit!

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Grab a bite and rest a little before continuing your tour of the city. Alma Calma is a vegetarian-friendly option to recover from all that biking. The place has a lovely decoration and delicious menu that includes meals like traditional chilaquiles to a well-known hamburger.

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Now that you are bike-less and with a full stomach, head downtown to the main square to enjoy ‘Mérida en Domingo’ with many cultural activities such as Classic Dance, Movies, Plays, Live music, Open Art Galleries and much more.

Snack + Night

Before heading back to your accommodation and get ready to enjoy your night, make sure you stop for a traditional marquesita with ‘queso de bola‘ (Edam cheese). Not tired yet and no plans for the night? We got you, amigo. Check out our blogs Only one night in Mérida?: This Place Is For You and Secret Nightlife in Mérida: All You Need To Know for the right information.

We want to hear about your favourite type of Sunday! What do you like to do? Where do you normally go or visit? Write us in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe for more helpful blogs.

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