For the past few years, or since Instagram appeared, we’ve encountered these foodies and snap-happy influencers all over Instagram. There are so many reasons why you would share your food on your social media, and so many why you would not. Let’s break it down into a list and let’s see if we come to a conclusion, shall we? 

Snap-sharing your food on Instagram: The Pros and Cons list.


  • The dish was nicely plated and you can’t keep it to yourself. You have to share it on the Internet for the world to see (or at least your followers).
  • It was expensive and exotic. You want proof evidence of the unique plate you are about to enjoy. Perhaps your followers share the same taste with you.
  • It’s interesting. Some dishes are just different looking, even though it’s a black tortilla taco or a blue latte. You know it will attract attention and people wondering where is it from. 
  • You like to share the places you think other people would enjoy and could visit next. 
  • If you add the location or tag the restaurant, it’s free publicity for them. In the end, if you share it it’s because you liked it and that’s another way to show it. 

I think you get our point, but let’s talk about the cons.


  • As the BIG 7 travel site said, “The vast majority of us are guilty of snapping pictures of our food before we tuck in and restaurants and cafes are well aware of that trend.”
  • Awkward. Imagine being on a date, you are engaged in the conversation but then your dishes arrive, then you randomly take out your phone to take a pic of your it, while chatting, and then continue. What? For some people, it’s normal for others is not yet.
  • Rude. Snapping a picture of your food before you eat it could be easily misunderstood and seen as rude and even as a superficial act. Mostly by people from other generations.  
  • A lie. The fact that everyone shares their meals nowadays doesn’t mean they recommend it. So you could go to a restaurant thinking ‘Oh, I will get this dish because I saw it on Kristal’s Instagram story the other day and looked so good when she ordered it.’ And SURPRISE! The dish was a fiasco. But of course, Kristal forgot to share that minor detail.


It is all about the balance, amigos. Finding the balance and thinking before posting anything on our social media in general. Is it really worth sharing? Is it helpful? Do I like it and recommend it?. These are examples of what you could ask yourself next time. But the reality is that we can’t resist an Instagram good old tasty-looking food pic. And if you are in Merida, more reasons to do it! And here’s an ultimate guide to the best coffee spots.


Grown over two locations, one in Merida and other in Progreso, this trendy coffee shop offers delicious hot and cold beverages. A relaxed environment with friendly staff invites you to spend hours there doing homework or working. Plus they love animals and are pet-friendly.

Latte Quattro Sette

This place was named one of the ‘most Instagrammable’ places in the city by Vogue Magazine Mexico & Latin America. It offers delicious hot drinks that go along with its irresistible-looking pastries. The whole scenario is an open invitation to take a picture. 


Let’s beginning by making clear that this is not just a coffee shop, this is a toaster house. You can either taste their quality coffee there or order it online. The minute you enter the shop, you’ll feel like you want to try all their options. You can also bring your laptop to get work done, it’s just the ideal place.


This place is an open invitation to spend time chatting with your special someone, friends or family over some tasty food and beverages. For breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, anytime you visit Volta you will find something suitable for the occasion.


Avocado toast? Check. Chilaquiles? Check. Waffles? Check. Dalia offers various plates with a particular exquisite taste. This place screams FLOWERS. Another excellent choice to grab breakfast or brunch with friends. 

Petite Delice

Oh, la cuisine française. Feels like you are grabbing breakfast, dinner or lunch in Paris at Petit Délice. Here you can find options such as Onion soup, Croque monsieur, Tartines, French toast, Croissants and of course, hot drinks like organic coffee and tea. As well as all kind of pastries to eat there or to take home with your coffee.

La Pâtisserie Paris

This French patisserie is under the direction of the chef and best cuisine book of the World Award winner Nima Hemmat Azad. He’s a world expert on pastries and delicious french cuisine. A piece of France in Merida that you have to taste.

Pan & Kof.feé

For those bread lovers, this would be heaven. This site offers different options for gourmet bread fans. All the bread they use in its menu is baked by them, and it tastes divine. Try the salted macaroons and the warm cinnamon roll with a cup or your favourite ‘kof.eé’.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on the Instagram worthy coffee shops in Merida. Tell us in the comments which was your favourite place. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media to find out about interesting places to visit next.

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