A little bit more than an hour from Mérida, you will find a special place where you can slow down, relax, and connect with beautiful nature. I am talking about the paradisiac San Crisanto, a pretty beach town that has a lot to offer to its visitors. From picture-perfect beaches to jungly mangroves, I am pretty sure you will fall in love with this place as much as we did. Get ready to forget about the city for a while and enjoy this incredible destination surrounded by amazing landscapes.

What to do

1. Relax at the beach

San Crisanto is known for its beautiful and not so popular beach. Being a little “far” from the city, this destination is not very touristy and the beach is one of the cleanest ones you will find here. Plus, there is a high chance you will have the beach all to yourself, especially in the low season. There are different spots to enjoy the beach of San Crisanto. Our favourite one is definitely the Balneario Zac-Ha, located on the left-hand side 2 kilometres before San Crisanto (coming from Telchac Puerto). We love this place so much we always find ourselves coming back here when we are in need of a beach escape. The place is right in front of the beach and has an infinite number of palm trees, all you need to make this spot special. The water is clear, and everything is just so perfect you don’t wanna leave anymore. The balneary offers palapas to give you some shade and the possibility to hang your hammock (it’s convenient to always bring one with you). There is no electricity, but they do have toilets and showers. You have the option to spend the day here ($50 MXN from 9 am to 5 pm) or to spend the night and camp under the stars ($100 MXN).

2. Mangroves

If you feel like you need something more adventurous, don’t worry, we got you covered. Head to the village and get yourself the ticket to visit the Yucatecan “Venice”, as the locals call it. Jump on board of your gondola and float through the mangroves. You will be soon taken to a surreal world, surrounded by unique flora and fauna. There are thousands of meters of mangroves here. Because of the damage caused by hurricanes, the Ejido de San Crisanto (cooperative) had to recover the harmed ecosystem and they started the rehab of the mangroves channels and the restoration of the cenotes (there are 25 restored cenotes). Visit the mangroves will not only be a great experience for you but will also support the local community and the incredible work they have been doing during the years. The day tour costs $60 MXN ($120 MXN for the night tour) and it includes the visit to the Ojo de agua Dzonot-Tzik, a water hole where you can swim and refresh yourself. Please make sure you are not wearing any sunscreen nor mosquito repellent when entering the water hole. This is extremely bad for the environment and it is our responsibility to take care of it.

3. Salt mines

San Crisanto was born as a fishing village, as the members of the cooperative originally dedicated themselves to the fishing industry. They then started to focus also on the production of coconut and salt. In the year 2000 tourism became important and a new source of income. In San Crisanto you can find many beautiful salt mines that you can visit for around $550 MXN (you are not allowed to swim in the salt pools). You will learn about salt production, cultivation, drying and harvesting processes while walking along the beautiful mangrove. Keep your eyes wild open to see the amazing fauna around you. You will of course have the chance to buy fresh salt after the tour. And also to take incredible pictures with a perfectly pink backdrop. San Crisanto is a sustainable project that value the conservation of the environment, the support of the community and the development of the local economy. Like the tour through the mangroves, the tour around the salt mines support the local community and everything they do to preserve the environment.

4. Food: seafood and coconut delicacies

There is no need to say that we absolutely love food and we think is one of the main attractions when visiting a new place. San Crisanto offers you many different options where you can taste delicious seafood and recharge your batteries after an adventurous day. If you are looking for a restaurant right in front of the beach, La Palapa has fresh and inviting seafood but there are many other places in town. If you are a coconut lover, I am pretty sure you have noticed the amount of palm trees surrounding this area. As I mentioned before, San Crisanto is also dedicated to the production of coconut. Here you will find infinite coconut delicacies from fresh coconut water and coconut pies, to coconut icecream and cookies. You are gonna have to try them all! If you are visiting Yucatán during the summer, San Crisant hosts the Coconut Festival which is celebrated every year around the end of July, beginning of August. Unfortunately, this summer the event was cancelled due to Covid 19, but we hope next summer we will all be able to assist. The entrance is free and the celebration is made of artistic and cultural events, traditional music, and of course plenty of products and handcrafts made from coconut.


How to get there

Getting to San Crisanto is very easy. If you are travelling by car, you have two options: drive towards Progreso and then turn right towards Telchac Puerto following the coastal road, or head to Motul first, then drive towards Telchac Puerto and turn right until arriving in San Crisanto. Both ways are about an hour drive, depending on your starting point from Mérida.

If you are travelling by public transport, buses are leaving from the Noreste Bus Terminal located on Calle 69 x 50, Downtown. It takes about 2 hours.

San Crisanto is definitely a little treasure of the Yucatan Peninsula. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to visit it and to enjoy to the fullest this special place. I promise you won’t be disappointed! What are you waiting for? Yucatán is waiting for you!


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