Free night and don’t know where to go? Delayed flight or merely you don’t have a clue to where to go next. Here we will share with you one of our favourite places to hang out in Merida: Paseo Montejo.

The name Paseo de Montejo arises in honour of Francisco de Montejo y León (a.k.a El Mozo), founder and conqueror of Yucatan. It is the first avenue of our beautiful Merida. Tourist or not, you will enjoy strolling its 6 kilometres, but don’t worry, with THAT view you won’t even notice them.

Where to start?

If you want to make the most out of your night enough to keep you busy a couple of hours, you could start your journey at Cubaró. A restaurant located just in front of the flag monument in Paseo Montejo. In addition to its tasty menu, it has a great view from its terrace lighted by yellow light bulbs. On one side you will see Paseo Montejo under the moonlight, and on the other side the flag monument lit up in colours.

What about dessert?

We recommend you to leave space for you to try the famous sorbets from Dulcería y Sorbetería Colón. Located in the same avenue, just a few blocks away and you will enjoy its delicious traditional sorbet. Don’t know which flavour order? Don’t be afraid to try the first one that picks your attention, the flavour in each is guaranteed.

Late-night stroll

We know 6 kilometres sounds like a lot but don’t panic, we assure you it is completely worth the tour alongside emblematic colonial architecture, trees and hotel lights, bars and restaurants. Beyond being a commercial avenue, Paseo Montejo tells the story of a small town during its welfare times, thanks to the boom times of the henequen industry. Large houses with french-bourgeois airs can be seen along the street as they are El Palacio Cantón now the Regional Museum of Anthropology, the Twin Houses and House of Minaret to mention a few. Wait until you see them in person.

To wrap it up

Nothing compares to ending a lovely evening with great food surrounded by a great ambience, (all that walking must have left you hungry again) cocktails or a good beer. Hennessy’s Irish Pub is the best place to do that. Yes. In the same street, known as the most popular meeting spot for internationals and locals, this pub delights with open space and view to the Twin Houses. Its wide variety of craft beer and famous pasta are not the only options to enjoy in this place. If you have the opportunity to visit on a Friday night, you will find live Jazz and Soul music. How pleasing.

Did you enjoy Paseo Montejo? Have you been there before? What were your thoughts? Tell us in the comments, we want all the details amigo!


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