Uy, food in Mérida… the truth is that we could make a huge list but it would then have to be adjusted according to specific palates and gastronomic tastes. So in this case, we have chosen the 6 places we love the most and that you cannot miss. For this selection, we have considered aspects like variety, quality, environment and price. Enjoy your meal!!

La Prospe del Xtup

Located in the park of Santiago, this restaurant offers delicious Yucatecan food. Queso relleno, Papadzules, Brazo de Reina, Sopa de Lima… you name it and you will definitely find it on the menu.

Alma Calma

Whether for breakfast or dinner with friends, this place has promotions every day. And its menu ranges from hotcakes and chilaquiles to hamburgers and mezcal. On weekends they have a special Yucatecan buffet and during the week they offer full breakfasts for $ 89 mxn (5 USD).

Huitzilli Saludable

Mexican vegan food? Yes, and like you have never tried before. Besides offering delicious cakes, muffins, chilaquiles, hamburgers, tacos and more, this place has also home delivery. And if that’s not enough, they promote a zero-waste policy that allows you to bring your own plates and even tupperwares.

Hey Joe! Chili Sloppy Joes

Don’t trust the name, this place has more to offer than just Sloppy Joes. While the best dishes carry its famous chili, Hey Joe! is known for its delicious pasta, pizzas and our favourite special: the Chili Fries. Plus? Here you will eat very well on a budget.

Jichan’s Kitchen

If it’s Japanese food you want, Jichan’s Kitchen is the right place. They surprise you with their classic and delicious flavour in each of their dishes. You can also enjoy a full meal for only $ 99 mxn; And don’t worry about repeating specials because they change their menu every day.

Mercado 60

Last but not least, we have Mercado 60. With more than 15 restaurants, live music and a good atmosphere, this place brings together a variety of gastronomic offers able to satisfy any hungry palate. You can find it open from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Our recommendation is to arrive early to have a great night. You’ll see that between conversation, dance and food time will fly!

Let us know in the comments which one was your favourite restaurant and how was your experience!

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