One of our Yucatan’s favourite charms is its beautiful beaches. The peninsula is well known for being rich in culture, biodiversity, gastronomy but also for having more than 98 kilometres of incredible emerald cost.  As if the Pools of Mystery (a.k.a. Cenotes) were not enough, Yucatan has incredible beaches where you can lay down, tan, go for a swim or even camp out. 

In this blog, we want to share our top list. You might have heard of some of these before, but there are a few that are not that popular. Remember that we want to give you real advice by going beyond the typical touristic attractions and by showing you places that will take you months to find out but that’s why we are here for. 

We love telling you about those places that are less touristic and not so easy to find by your own. Let’s take a look!


Known for being the principal seaport of the Yucatecan Peninsula, Progreso dashes its visitors with an incredible beach and crystal clear water. Not to leave behind the delicious seafood you can enjoy sitting down the beach from one of the restaurants nearby. 

Progreso beach Yucatan


Back in the XVI century, due to the production of henequen fibre, Sisal used to be the principal seaport of Yucatan. Now is one of the most visited piers and quietest beaches of Yucatan. It’s the perfect place to lie down on its white sand and wait for the dusk. Views and moments like these are priceless.

San Felipe

This fishing port has gained touristic attraction over the last decade. You can enjoy several attractions here like ecotourism, campouts, snorkel, crafts and restaurants. And wait to see its colourful houses, you won’t resist taking pictures with them!

El Cuyo

270 km away from Merida lies El Cuyo, a hidden paradise and a perfect getaway. It’s a small town located in Tizimin. Focused on ecotourism and adventure since one of its main attractions is kiteboarding. Nevertheless, you can enjoy other activities like glamping and surfing, plus there are plenty of delicious food options.

Photo credits to Julian Walter Photography

San Crisanto

Palm trees and sparkly crystal clear water. This small seaport is the best way to get away from the city noise. Here you can visit the mangroves, refresh in a waterhole or stay in a cabin facing the sea. Plus you can find restaurants with swimming pools to spend a whole day with family or friends. 


This beach is worth visiting during the summer. The reason is that through this season you can find fun activities like the local fair, music festivals and even bars from the city that bring their ambience to the beach. It is easy to fall in love with this place. 

Did you know about these beaches? We hope you have the chance to visit all of them. Tell us in the comments where you want to go and share your experience!

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