Today we are talking about 3 of our favorite cenotes that are very close to Mérida and easy to reach. If you are not familiar with cenotes yet, we highly recommend to check out this article and learn more about these unique places. If you already know about cenotes, I am pretty sure you are always looking for new ones to discover. Either way, keep reading!

Pixyah is a tiny pretty village located 58 kilometers South-East from Mérida, in the Tecoh municipality. It has a cute yellow little church and a picturesque old henequén hacienda that will welcome you with its bright red color. The main attractions of the village are the 3 beautiful cenotes in the surrounding area. They are all easy to find (they are on google maps) but if you need any assistance you will find people happy to help you out right at the entrance of the village. The cenotes are all incredibly beautiful, each one with its own magic and peculiarity. You can visit all the 3 cenotes in one day for a busy day trip from Mérida or pick your favorite 2 and take it easy. Each cenote offers bathrooms and palapas to give you some shade. They charge a fee of 50$ at the entrance of each cenote. You can also rent a life vest if needed (the price is not included in the entrance).

Are you ready? Let’s find out more about every single cenote!

Noh Mozon

Noh Mozon is probably my favorite cenote even though it’s very hard to choose because they are all beautiful and unique. This is the furthest cenote and the more challenging to reach as you have to drive on a dirt road for half an hour. You’ll have to open 3 gates before arriving at the cenote. Don’t worry tho, the gates are only for the animals. Just open and close each gate after crossing. Being a little far and not so easy to reach, you will probably have this cenote all by yourself. Noh Mozon is an open cenote with a diameter of about 25 meters. The water is easily accessible through a wide wooden stair that will take you down to a wooden (underwater) platform. After the San Cristobal storm a few months ago, the level of the water of the cenotes increased by 2-3 meters and this is why almost every platform is now underwater. The nice thing about it is that you can stand on the platform and be in the water. It’s the perfect place to rest after your swim without having to get out of the water. I am pretty sure you will love this cenote! The water has a beautiful light blue color and the nature around it is just so peaceful and relaxing.  The cenote is ideal for swimming and scuba diving with a depth of around 25/30 meters and a nice cave. We recommend going to this cenote first to appreciate the sunlight and make sure you have enough time to enjoy it.

Nah Yah

Nay Yah is another beautiful cenote, closer to the village. It’s a semi-open cenote with incredibly blue water and a breathtaking light beam. This cenote changes a lot depending on the time you visit it. The best time is around 12 o’clock when the sun is high in the sky and illuminates the cenote. You will be astonished by the beauty of this place. Here you can experience what it is like to be in a kind of “close” cenote as you can swim under the roof and feel like you are in a sort of cave with birds flying and nature manifesting in all its glory. The cenote is great for swimming and freediving. Many are the people traveling from Mérida to practice freediving, it’s very common to see them training in this cenote as it offers around 30 meters in the deepest part and it is easy to access. If you feel adventurous, you can jump into the water from the top of the cenote (highest point) or from where the stair begins. It’s your choice to decide how crazy you wanna go. But please, be careful. You can also practice your climbing skills on the wall of the cenote and let yourself fall down in the water. This is a very fun cenote to hang out at. We are sure you will enjoy it as much as we do!


The cenote Suhuem is another open cenote, not far from Nah Yah. It looks like a big natural pool with “shallow” water (from 5 to 15 meters) and a nice blue/green color. It’s the perfect place to relax and disconnect. There is a kayak for you to use to get around the beautiful cenote and chill in the sun (or shade when it’s too hot). Probably the best time to get there is around 3 pm when the sun is not too strong and the light is still doing its magic. There is a platform where you can jump off with or without a rope swing (you can do it, it’s not high and it’s so much fun). This is the kind of cenote where you go to be one with nature and forget the city for a while. Leave everything behind and just be in the moment. I know we said with every cenote, but we love this cenote! Especially seeing the roots of the trees falling down into the water. It makes this place even more magical.

Cenotes make you hungry!

I know what are you thinking. “When do I get to eat?”. Exploring new cenotes is probably the best thing ever but jumping in the water and swimming make you really hungry. Don’t worry tho, we have exactly what you need. In the village of Pixyah, you will find an incredible guy named Charlie. He is the one in charge of the cenotes and he is of course part of the Pixyah cooperative. I highly suggest you contact him before your visit as he can help you out with anything you need and most important, he can provide food. You can text him on Whatsapp at the following number:  +52 999 551 15171. They are currently offering a delicious meal at $100 MXN (around $5 USD). The price includes one main dish, two “tasting” dishes and water (usually is agua de jamaica). You can choose between poc chuc, pollo empanizado, salbutes, panuchos, and empanadas. If you are not familiar with the Yucatecan gastronomy, check this out to find out more about it. The food is delicious and freshly prepared. You will eat at Charlie’s home and you will experience the real rural Mexican life. You will also support Charlie’s family and the people working with him. Make sure to contact him at least one day before to arrange lunch with him and give his family the time to cook. Get ready for a special meal!


How to get there

To visit the cenotes of Pixyah, the best option would be traveling by car to have more freedom and be more flexible with your time. You can rent a car in Mérida for only $600 MXN per day (around $26 USD) and share the cost with your friends. From Mérida, you will take about 45 minutes/an hour. Take the highway Acanceh-Tecoh towards Telchaquillo, then head towards the Pixyah municipality. Once you get to Pixyah is pretty easy to find the cenotes. You can google them or ask for information when you enter the village.

If renting a car is not an option, you can reach Pixyah by colectivo (shared transport). Head to calle 67 between 52 and 50 and in front of the OXXO you will see all the colectivos. Ask for the route Telchaquillo-Pixyah. Once you arrive at Pixyah you can rent a bike for $80 MXN and bike to the cenote. Make sure you contact Charlie the day before to rent this service.

Visiting these beautiful cenotes will be a great experience for you and it will also support the local community. In fact, the cenotes belong to the Pixyah cooperative and they are the main source of income. Your help will be highly appreciated and your visit will benefit many families. Make sure you are taking care of the cenote and the nature around you. Don’t leave any rubbish and don’t wear any sunscreen or mosquito repellent before entering the water. The ecosystem is very fragile and it’s our responsibility to protect it. Don’t hang from the roots of the trees and don’t touch the stalactites. Don’t forget to bring a mask, down there is an entire world to be discovered! And the most important thing: have fun and enjoy!

These 3 cenotes are definitely a must-see when traveling to Mérida! Don’t forget to add them to your list. If you need any further information, don’t hesitate to ask us. We are here to help!

¡Hasta luego amigo!

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