How many times have you ever felt like you left something unseen, that you could’ve seen more places, moved around more? Making the most out of a new unknown place can be complicated.  But today we are sharing with you our best advice to enjoy every second in our beloved city.

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1 Plan ahead. If you are one of those people that loves to plan, you know that lists are a GREAT help. And if you are not, we suggest that you at least write down three places that you cannot leave without seeing. We know that sometimes not having a plan is the best idea. Just letting yourself get carried away by the city itself and wherever it takes you. But we also know that you may have in mind one or two sites you have found on Instagram.

2 Local press. Looking through local newspapers, even online can be a good way to find out about new places to visit. You can buy or even get for free the newspapers in most of the principal streets crosswalks. Plus you can also look up on Facebook sites like El Diario de Yucatán, Yucatán Al Minuto o MIDClick. Those are constantly posting new information about the city. You will find from new places to those only locals would know about.

3 Prioritize. Ask yourself, what do you really want to do on this trip? If you already know how many are you staying in the city, decide where do you want to spend more or less time. Perhaps one day or two. On your own or with friends. Often, when we travel things fall off the plan or schedule. Which is why we should consider those two or three places as a top priority. Maybe get to see them right at the beginning and then you can go everywhere else you feel like in the moment.

4 Walk. You will never know what is around you if you don’t walk around where you are staying. Don’t be afraid to walk around. If you are staying at a hostel or hotel downtown, or on the beach, go out to know the area. Do not depend 100% on Google maps to find restaurants or places to visit. Merida still has a few places that, believe it or not, can’t be googled yet. But nothing like going out and see it for yourself. You will be surprised. You will see.

5 Ask.  If you have crossed out the last site from your wishlist or utterly woke up in the mood of doing something different, just ask! Don’t be afraid of approaching someone for references. It will always be better if you ask someone local because they usually know plenty of options. But if you don’t feel comfortable because of the language barrier or any other reason, you can always reach out to your hostel or hotel. They will be happy to give you advice on anything regarding our lovely city.

6 Take it easy. Yes, as you read it, amigo. Resting is essential to keep up with the adventure. Frequently we want to do everything at a certain rhythm and having all day booked is not quite the answer. You must recharge batteries. The heat here is a serious thing. Many of our visitors forget to drink enough water and accumulate enough nutrients to be up and down every day. Please, keep this under consideration.

We hope that with these super helpful tips you will enjoy more your stay in Merida, or anywhere you go. Don’t forget to share with us your thoughts and own travel advice so that more amigos can pick up on them too.

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