Recognized in 2011 by ONU as the “City of Peace”, Mérida has conquered every single visitor. The fact is that no matter where you look, there is always something catching your attention. Its streets, architecture, its people, the restaurants, the small coffee shops, the malls… should I go on? Or even better, have a look at these 5 reasons why we are pretty sure Mérida will be your next destination:

01 The Weather

Both our blessing and our curse. We locals can confirm it. The weather in Mérida is so warm that it feels like summer all year round. It’s perfect for you to go and enjoy your holidays to the fullest; rain and cold temperatures are out of the picture here. So forget to pack jackets or wool sweater. Shorts, T-shirts and flip flops will be your best friends.

02 Activities

Wow! There is so much to do! From museums and galleries to cenotes and eco-tourism. Don’t worry if you don’t have all your activities planned, you have so many options here that you only wish you had more time. Day or night activities? You decide when and where. 

03 Gastronomy

Papadzules, Brazo de Reina and Caballero Negro. What? FOOD PORN. You will get lost in the taste of the delicious local dishes the White City has to offer. Plenty of options: from gourmet alternatives in exclusive restaurants like TEYA (Paseo 60) or traditional places like Chaya Maya. Don’t forget to go to Parque de la Alemán for your marquesita and your esquite, you will thank me later.

04 Art

Everywhere. Start your way from the streets of Paseo Montejo and learn about the history behind some of the oldest colonial buildings in White Mérida. Continue by discovering the streets of the city center and don’t hesitate to stop in one of the art galleries that you will find along the way, like LA GALÁ (Calle 56). When you arrive at the main square, go to the town hall to find the billboard with all the cultural events. You will find everything: live music, dance, theatre and even workshops! The hardest thing will be to decide what to do first!

05 Location

The Mayas knew very well what they were doing when they decided to settle in this region. We are talking about the strategic location of Mérida, that allows you to join a diversity of tour to many surrounding places like Puerto Progreso, Las Coloradas, lots of cenotes and even Chichen Itzá. So you don’t have to worry about how to get there and come back. You find everything in just one place: Mérida.

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