Quarantine is going to last a little longer than anybody has expected. Many countries are starting to open certain businesses and allow people to leave their houses with restrictions. However, most countries are still pushing their citizens to stay at home.

More days inside the house, what the hell am I going to do? Well, what about a little challenge to push your limits and make your days more interesting?

Here are some ideas of challenges you can take for free from the comfort of your home. From physical challenges to 7 days courses to get into that topic that really interests you.

30 days Yoga Challenge

Have you always wanted to strike that Yoga pose and feel the benefit of Yoga? This 30 days program will take you on a fantastic journey with high-quality practices on yoga and mindfulness. With an online community of over 7 million people, Yoga with Adriene inspires people of all ages, sizes, and shapes.

30 days Handstand Challenge

Want to impress your friends when you see them again? I am sure a steady and controlled handstand is what you need. If you don’t know where to start and you feel frustrated after your first tries, this 30 days handstand challenge will teach you how to do it like a pro!

5 days “Build your brand” Challenge

If you are into graphic and you are thinking of creating your own brand, this mini 5 days course will teach you how to use Canva to create social media graphics and other marketing materials. The course got you covered! From the logo creation to the colors and the fonts you should use to consistently represent your brand.

7 days Instagram Challenge

Are you struggling with social media, spending hours and hours trying to grow your account without success? Then this 7 days Instagram Challenge is for you. With video tutorials, real-life examples, and practical activities, you will learn to get popular on Instagram and successfully manage your page.

7 days Photography Challenge

If you love photography, and you are just getting started, don’t look any further than this Photography Challenge. Years of photography experience and so much knowledge have been squeezed in this course. It will teach you tips and tricks that you can try straight away, at home with whatever camera you already have (even with your phone!).

30 days Meditation Challenge

Do you feel like this mess up situation is stressing you and affecting your well-being? Try this meditation challenge. You will find complete balance and total zen, you will learn to calm your mind and be less stressed-out. With 10 minutes per day, get ready to relax and let go.

2 weeks Abs Challenge

Dreaming to get those abs you have always wanted? Chloe will change your body with this 2 weeks shred challenge! Get ready to sweat and see amazing results. If you want to take it to the next level, check out her Youtube Channel for more workout challenges.

These are just some ideas of the many challenges you can take during these days. The Internet is full of great inspiration and I am sure you will find the perfect challenge that will give you the motivation you need to jump out of bed every morning. Just pick one (or many) and have fun while challenging yourself!

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