If you are planning to visit Mexico, learning a bit of Spanish will help you get closer to locals and easily move around without troubles. As you might know, Spanish is spoken in different countries around the world. Although it remains the same language, every country has its own accents, words and expressions. For example, Latin Spanish and Castilian Spanish are very different from each other. But among the varieties of Latin Spanish, Mexican Spanish distinguishes itself for its richness in vocabulary, diversity of accents across the country and peculiar expressions. This is why you should specifically focus on Mexican Spanish if you are considering travelling to Mexico. What’s better than Mexican series to familiarize yourself with the language and learn some slang?

Here are 5 Mexican series that will help you learn Spanish and get used to frequent words and expressions Mexicans use.

Are you ready? Let’s go to Mexico!

1. Monarca

Released in September 2019, Monarca revolves around a powerful Mexican family that built a billionaire empire with tequila. The series develops with scandals and violence, showing the corrupt world of Mexico’s business elites. In between dram and thrill, twists and sudden turns of events will leave you stuck in front of the screen.

2. La Casa de las flores

As it happens in Monarca, La Casa de la Flores (The House of Flowers) evolves around the rich Mexican family “De La Mora” and the flower shop they own. The series is a mix of real drama and comedy made of peculiar characters that will make you laugh one minute and feel sad the next.

3. Narcos Mexico

I am sure we are all fans of the American series Narcos. Like the “original” series Narcos is all about the illegal drug trade in Colombia, Narcos Mexico focuses on the Mexican trade and the war on drugs, dramatising the ride of the Guadalajara Cartel.

4. Desenfrenadas

Desenfrenadas (Unstoppable) tells the story of 3 close friends who decide to embark on a journey to leave their problems behind. A stranger will run into their lives and will change them completely. The series is an entertaining drama-comedy showing how different realities can coexist together “in harmony”.

5. El Club

The Club is about a group of young rich people who step into drug trafficking. As they start to have contacts with much more powerful people, they get into serious troubles. This crime drama series will transport you into the world of narcos, their families and the law.

If you want to get familiar with Mexican Spanish, then watching one (or all) of these 5 Mexican series will help you to better understand the language. However, it is very important to specify that these series only represent a very small part of Mexico. Mexico is so much more than what you see on Netflix. Mexico is a great country rich of culture and history, breathtaking landscapes and delicious food. You better jump on a plane as soon as possible to come see the beauty of Mexico with your own eyes!

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