These recommendations are ideal for those seeking to have a ‘chill’ day but still worthy like visiting a gallery, a museum, or perhaps sipping a delicious coffee while reading a book or enjoying a podcast. 

We know that you love going everywhere, from the pyramids to small towns. And also that you have a busy agenda. But sometimes you need to take time to plan your next adventure, catch up with work or perhaps take your mind off all that precisely. Thus, where to go?  

The Great Mayan World Museum

This place enclosures the wonders of the Mayan World History, alongside diverse exhibits from textiles to prehispanic collections. You will learn about our culture, its relationship with nature and the knowledge accumulated throughout history. Sounds interesting? Wait until you see all of it, you’ll love it. Our favourites are these short but very interesting documentaries about the ancient history of our great millenary race.

You will find it at: Calle 60 299 E, Unidad Revolución between Costco and Chredraui Super.

Mexican Music Palace

If we keep addressing worthy cultural enclosures, the ‘Palacio de la Música Mexicana’ is a must-visit. Besides having an awesome amphitheatre with a capacity of 400 people, this Palace holds over 8 rooms that invite you into a virtual tour through the traditional Mexican music. Mostly the worldwide recognized Yucatecan Trova.

You will find it at: Calle 58 nearby Calle 59 Colonia Centro.

La Galá

If you love art, or you just appreciate it, this place is made for you. Blending art decó, with a contemporary-minimalism essence, La Galá dazzles with an impeccable style. In the same building, you will find Imox: Curated Boutique, Te Extraño Extraño (restaurant), Terraza 56 (cocktails) and Workroom. We don’t want to reveal too much about those places, so you better look it up or visit La Galá.

You will find it at: Calle 56 426 nearby 47 downtown.

Latte Quattro Sette

¿Fancy a cup of tea or perhaps a coffee? Besides enchanting your eyes with its Instagram-friendly aesthetic, this place wins your palate with delicious bakery and gourmet coffee. If you are curious, look them up on their social media as @lattequattrosette and confirm how lovely it is. We love this spot for relaxing in company with good literature or a podcast while enjoying a cold latte and avocado toast.

You can find it at: Calle 47 #565 Zona Paseo Montejo.

If you’re a coffee lover check this out now: INSTAGRAM WORTHY COFFEE SHOPS IN MERIDA


Can you picture a better way to tour the principal avenue of the city? A wonderful view, dogs walking everywhere, the sun glowing on your skin. Plus, it counts as cardio. Every Sunday from 7 am to midday, children and adults gather at Paseo Montejo. Rent their bikes or bring your own to go from Paseo Montejo to Downtown. Also, restaurants and coffee shops welcome all families before or after their morning cardio. There are bikes for everyone, even with more than two seats.

You can find it at: Prolongación Paseo Montejo, starting at the flag monument.

Our favourite part about all these places is that you can either go accompanied or by yourself and still have lots of fun. How cool is that?

Did you enjoy this blog? Let us know in the comments!

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