Welcome to Barrio Vivo, a place where besides resting, making new friends and having lots of fun you will connect with the culture of the beautiful White City of Mérida, Yucatán.

Our story begins with a dream, a dream now come true, of creating an authentic, functional and friendly accommodation. A place that welcomes you with open arms and that invites you to stay with its good vibe. And we made it! We are this cool friend who gives suggestions to the best places, restaurants, cenotes, museums, tours and historic temples to visit: from the most popular spots only locals know about. A true insight into the culture of Merida that you will love it!

From us you can expect everything: from weather forecasts and tips to fight the hot temperatures, to interesting historical data that lots of travelers hadn’t even thought about. We have so much to share!

We want you to have all the information you need to spice up your visit and to make sure you make the most out of! We have had the opportunity of travelling across the world, getting to know amazing places and awesome people we will never forget. We want you to live this same experience in our city. So here we are, that “perfect travelling guide you didn’t know you need” just with our special touch.

If you needed that extra push to convince you to visit Merida, your moment has arrived. We are exactly that push you needed. We will take you to live and experience Mérida in a real way, without falling in the typical tourist traps, creating a spontaneous bond with the special elements of the city. All this from the heart of one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of the city: La Ermita.

Don’t forget to pack your bag with the essentials: sunscreen and sunglasses (’cause the heat is real here), your camera to capture every special moment (trust us, there will be many), and AWAY WE GO! Now you are only a click away to start your Barrio Vivo experience. WELCOME HOME AMIGO!

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