Congratulations! You are one suitcase away from being in Merida, Yucatan. We just need to make sure you don’t forget to bring the essentials to make your trip more enjoyable. If you are reading and you are already on your way, don’t freak out, you can find and shop all these items once you get there as well.

Determining what belongs and doesn’t belong in a suitcase could be simple, but when travelling for the first time to another country, packing mindfully is necessary. You have to consider matters like Merida’s weather, the activities you’ll do, the length of your trip, and how often you’ll change your clothes because these will determine what and how light you should pack for this trip.

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From the type of clothes and shoes to travel hacks, here we disclose the ultimate packing list (or at least the basic items that you can’t leave behind) for your next adventure in the Mayan paradise (a.k.a. Merida, Yucatan).

-Pesos (to shop at the street stalls)
-Adapter (USA and Canada have the same plugs as in Mexico)
-Hat (or something to cover your head from the sun)
-Beach towel (for the beach or cenotes)
-Wildlife-friendly sunscreen (for after swimming with the turtles) also for outdoor activities.
-SPF 45 Chapstick. Don’t risk your lips to get sun dried or sunburned. It does happen.
-Benadryl (In case you’ve a sunburn)
-Eco-friendly bug spray. Believe us, mosquitos are serious if you are not used to be around nature, they will welcome you quite well.
-Portable battery
-Strappy sandals
-Colourful clothes
-Reusable water bottle
-Corkscrew (you might be surprised how helpful this is when you are camping out at the beach or close to a cenote)
-Pyjamas (shorts, t-shirts, a fancy pair, up to you)
-Go Pro, Camera (if you have one)
-Waterproof shoes (For the slimy rocks and ragged-edges)
-Waterproof phone case
-Rain jacket or poncho
-Quart and gallon size Ziploc bags.
-Tide (or any detergent) capsules.


  1. Bring pesos, rather than dollars. Local business and street vendors (like taquerías and fruterías) appreciate you pay in their local currency.
  2. Use your Ziploc bags and your Tide pods to wash your swimsuits. Place the wet clothes, water and the detergent inside a bag. Zip it. Shake it. Open. Add just water in another bag. Place the clothes in. Zip it. Rinse. Take out. Drain. Hang.
  3. Bring your reusable water bottle. Even though tap water isn’t safe to drink in Mexico nor Yucatan, you can buy 5-gallon jugs and refill your bottle.
  4. Download the GoBus app to easily use public transport.

Now you are ready to take over Yucatan and its beautiful surroundings. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Barrio Vivo blog to keep you informed before, during and even after your adventures. Let us know in the comments what do you want us to write about next!

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